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NRATV: Stinchfield Slams Kathy Griffin After Sick Trump Stunt

On Tuesday, the dangerous hypocrisy of the violent left hit a new low when D-list comedienne Kathy Griffin released a video on social media, in which she held up a bloody, beheaded President Donald Trump. On Wednesday, NRATV took the horrific act to task, as guests appeared on Stinchfield to stick to their guns on the clear line between right and wrong that has been crossed far too many times since our president took office.

First, Clash Daily’s Doug Giles joined NRATV’s Stinchfield to rant about the violent left’s double-standards. “If we held up the severed head of one Barrack Hussein Obama, there’d be frickin’ helicopters flying around your office right now. There’d be hashtag campaign,” he said. “There’d be so many calls for firing you and boycotting you it’d be insane.”

Next came NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, no stranger to taking on the violent left and their sadistic tactics. “At what point are you going to draw the line.” Loesch said. “No one should lower themselves to this political level because they have no other way to express themselves.”

Later, NRATV contributor Bill Whittle told host Grant Stinchfield that Hollywood elitists like Griffin are posers hiding behind the guise of “shock value,” while skirting the actual work of coming up with authentic, captivating entertainment. “When you reach this level of needing attention, you’re almost in the level of psychosis where you don’t really think you exist unless people are looking at you and talking about you,” Whittle said. “I just think it’s a desperate call from a desperate person whose career was never very strong and who’s fading fast to get back in the spotlight.”

On Wednesday morning, First Lady Melania Trump released a statement condemning Griffin’s actions. It has also been reported that Barron Trump, the president’s 11-year old son, saw the video and became panicked, thinking the images depicted were of his father actually being decapitated.

Later in the day, celebrities and media took to social media to attack Barron, and you can be assured NRATV will take on this new low from the violent left. Tune into Stinchfield tomorrow on NRATV.

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