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A Week Of Freedom | June 3 - June 9

A Week Of Freedom | June 3 - June 9

Find out why so-called "universal" background checks are only enforceable with a gun registry in place in this week of freedom.

Universal Background Checks Unenforceable Without Gun Registry
AWR Hawkins explains how so-called “universal” background checks are just a step toward a gun registry and, ultimately, confiscation.

Shutting Down Legitimate Debate On Critical Issues
Cam Edwards discusses how too many on the Left want to stifle debate, rather than formulating and presenting legitimate arguments on important issues—including the right to keep and bear arms.

3. Oklahoma Mom Thanks Armed “Hero” Who Saved Babies
An Oklahoma mother is expressing her gratitude to an armed neighbor who saved her life and the lives of her 3-month-old twins.

4. Violent Crime With Guns Is Down, But Why?
Frequent A1F Daily contributor Stacy Washington looks at a Washington Post story on declining criminal firearms usage—a story that completely ignored record gun ownership numbers.

5. York Daily Record: Sinking To An All-Time Low In Journalism
Darren LaSorte takes to task the editorial board of the York Daily Record for its attempt at reaching an all-time low in the field of journalism.

6. Europe: More Gun Control, More Terrorism
AWR Hawkins explores the history of gun control and terror attacks in Great Britain and throughout Europe.

7. MS-13 Booming In El Salvador
NRATV’s Chuck Holton travels to El Salvador to report on the violent, dangerous MS-13 gang.

Carry Life | Home “Carry,” Part 5
Guns & Gear Editor Frank Winn answers some home carry questions from readers.

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