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Bill Whittle Rips Left For Violent Rhetoric After Shooting

House Majority Whip, Republican Steve Scalise, remains hospitalized after a cowardly attack that targeted Republican lawmakers. That hasn’t stopped the anti-gun elitists from spewing lies and shifting blame.

NRATV’s Bill Whittle took to his show Bill Whittle’s Hot Mic to slam such antics from the violent left, as well as the dangerous atmosphere their hateful rhetoric has created. “The election of Donald Trump, and all of the events from the night of the election onward, have been absolutely astonishing in their lawlessness, their disregard for—in fact their contempt for—democracy,” Whittle said.

Citing recent examples of left-wing atrocities, Whittle asserts the shooting was likely spurred from the violent rhetoric against President Trump. “You may remember Kathy Griffin, who we’ve been speaking about for most of the last week or two. She thought it would be great art to hold up the decapitated head of the President dripping blood,” Whittle said. “Robert De Niro says he wants to punch him in the face. Madonna says, ‘I’ve often thought about blowing up the White House.’”

The man who attacked Republican lawmakers was outwardly anti-Trump, belonging to a group called “Terminate Republicans.” This, according to Whittle, is another flagrant example of the poisonous hypocrisy that plagues the left and fuels extremists like the shooter. “If there was a Facebook page that said ‘terminate black Americans’ or a Facebook page that said ‘terminate homosexuals,’ would it be tolerated? I suspect it probably wouldn’t and shouldn’t be.”  

You can watch the full episode of the Bill’s new show, Bill Whittle’s Hot Mic, on NRATV.

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