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'This Isn't a Gun Issue': Dana Loesch on The Story With Martha MacCallum

Following Wednesday’s attack on Republican Congressmen in an Arlington, Virginia baseball field, NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch appeared on and debated Mark Glaze, former executive director of Michael Bloomberg's Everytown For Gun Safety. “This isn’t a gun issue. The good guy saved the day,” Loesch declared during her appearance. “Guns save lives. That’s what this story proved.”

According to Loesch, the shooting was spurred from the violent left’s poisonous rhetoric that has been at the forefront of their so-called “resistance” since Donald Trump was elected president. “This isn’t an issue, Martha, about firearms. This is an issue about rhetoric,” Loesch said. “This is an issue about a guy who has been feeding off of the poison that has been coming from comedians and Shakespeare plays of assassinating presidents that are playing in the park.”

After the question was raised about the number people whose lives have been saved by a good guy with a gun, a heated exchange between truth and fictitious rhetoric ensued.

“Well we don’t know,” Glaze said. “Part of the reason is that the NRA won’t let us do the research.”

“That’s a lie, that’s an absolute lie,” Loesch fired back. “The CDC report commissioned in 2013 proved it was anywhere from 500,000 to 2.3 million instances annually.”

Loesch ended by ripping Glaze for his flagrant disregard for the truth. “Don’t lie and say that the NRA stood in the way of that. It disrupts your narrative and you refuse to acknowledge it,” she said. “And at the same time you’ve had the audacity to claim that you’re for gun safety.”

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