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Colion Noir: McAuliffe’s Massacre of Truth

Colion Noir has responded to the hate-filled lies spouted by the left within hours of yesterday’s attack on Republican Congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia. “Here’s what I’ve come to realize: for anti-gun politicians, gun control is what you talk about when you don’t want to talk about the truth,” Noir says on three separate occasions throughout “McAuliffe’s Massacre of Truth,” his new video commentary. 

As the title suggests, Noir takes on the greatest enemy of truth to emerge in the wake of the attack on Congress: Virginia Governor and Clinton fundraiser Terry McAuliffe.

“When the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, spoke at a press conference minutes after the story hit the news cycle, he didn’t take this important opportunity to be a voice for unity,” Noir says. “Like an anti-gun agenda crackhead, he couldn’t help himself and just started blurting out every canned anti-gun talking point he had.” 

Noir also takes on the tired stereotypes employed by the left against gun owners, Trump supporters and anyone who disagrees with their extremist ideology. “No one expected this guy to be a Trump hating Bernie Sanders supporter, largely because for years they’ve been coloring gun owners as right wing fanatics itching to kill,” Noir says. “Yet here we have a guy who likely would’ve voted for Terry McAuliffe.” 

But for Noir, it’s not about politics. It’s about putting an end to the dangerous atmosphere, spawned from the poisonous rhetoric of the violent left. 

“Instead of trying to find our political commonalities and making this country stronger, we’re talking about gun control because so called leaders like Terry McAuliffe don’t want to talk about the truth.” 

Watch Colion Noir’s full commentary here on NRATV. And for continued coverage of the attack on Congress, from a team you can trust, visit NRATV here

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