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A Week Of Freedom | June 10 - 16

A Week Of Freedom | June 10 - 16

In the wake of this week's tragic attack on a Congressional baseball practice, we provide a voice of reason in this firmly grounded Week of Freedom.

How The Left Incites Violence, Then Spins It Into Justification For More Gun Control
AWR Hawkins reveals how left-wing gun-ban advocates incite violent acts, then use those acts to call for more restrictive gun laws.

2. PETA Caught Manufacturing Fake News
Editor Mark Chesnut details how animal rights group PETA got caught trying to manufacture fake news to garner support for its despicable programs.

3. Learning From The Best At The NRA Carry Guard Expo
Here are a few of the seminars and workshops we’re most excited about at the NRA Carry Guard Expo in August.

4. Jordan Klepper’s Pathetic Push For Gun Control
Cam Edwards reveals how Jordan Klepper’s Comedy Central special on guns was simply an attempt to make gun control seem more palatable.

5. British Police Chief Slammed For Saying Armed Brits Could Help Fight Terrorism
When a British police chief voiced support for armed citizens joining the battle against terrorists, higher government officials went on the attack.

Recognizing 3 Keys To Women’s Self-Defense
Recognizing three techniques that criminals consistently use to subdue or incapacitate a victim in order to take what they want will help you stay safer.

7. Willful Blindness: The Washington Post Ignores Lawful Gun Ownership
Darren LaSorte takes The Washington Post to task for focusing on criminal use of firearms while largely ignoring defensive gun usage by law-abiding citizens.

8. Carry Life | Home Carry, Pt. 5
We answer some more home carry questions from our readers.

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