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Chuck Michel: Still Hopeful Peruta Case Will Be Heard

Peruta v. California, which asks whether the Second Amendment protects a right to carry guns in public spaces, was kicked down the road again by the Supreme Court. On Tuesday, NRATV’s Stinchfield welcomed Attorney Chuck Michel, California firearms expert and owner of Michel & Associates, to explain the current legal situation to viewers.

“Don’t mistake the case being postponed with it being rejected. It has not been rejected,” Michele said. “It has been postponed 11 times. That’s very unusual, but not unheard of. In fact, there are a couple of cases that have been postponed more times than that.”

The Peruta case has potential to be one of the most momentous gun rights cases since the Supreme Court reaffirmed the individual right to bear arms in District of Columbia v. Heller nearly a decade ago. Michel remained confident that this landmark case will be heard, but also reassured viewers that the NRA is working on numerous cases across the country to defend and expand the right to carry.

“We’re still hopeful that Peruta will be taken,” he said. “But even if it isn’t, the NRA is not being short-sighted about this. We recognize that every case is unlikely to be heard by the Supreme Court no matter what facts there are. That’s just brutal—that’s just a statistical reality."

Michel explains that there are many more Second Amendment cases “queued-up” by the NRA, including the Flanagan case in California and the Grace v. District of Columbia.

“Sooner or later a case will have to be heard by the Supreme Court that will address all the outstanding questions respective to the scope of the Second Amendment and what the standard of review should be,” he said.

Chuck Michel also offers legal advice for those who carry in NRA Carry Guard’s Rights and Responsibility series. The series, available to NRA Carry Guard members, offers another level of training for those who understand that carrying every day requires discipline, education and a respectful appreciation of the magnitude of drawing the gun from the holster.

Watch Chuck’s NRA Carry Guard videos here.

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