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ISIS Blows Up Mosque Where Its Caliphate Was Declared

The end is near for ISIS in Mosul. And blowing up a historic mosque where its own caliphate was declared proved to be a strong indication of that.

There has been no greater symbol of ISIS’ presence in Mosul than the Great Mosque. What was once a beloved icon of the city’s skyline, transformed into an ominous symbol of fear when the Islamic State officially declared Caliphate from its steps in 2014.

After visiting Mosul, Veteran Army Ranger Chuck Holton joined NRATV’s Stinchfield to give insight on what this means for the war against terrorism going forward.

“They’ve destroyed 1000 year old temples, they’ve destroyed Christian churches,” Holton said. “It just goes to show that they have absolutely no respect for life, for civilization, or for anybody else.”

Although the liberation of Mosul would mean that ISIS would no longer have a major strong holds on Iraq, the future of the war-torn country is of genuine concern.

“This is sort of the beginning of the end for ISIS in that area, in that region. And they’re being defeated all across Iraq and Syria right now,” Holton said. “But once they’re gone, that doesn’t mean the fighting ends.”

You can watch all of Chuck Holton’s interview on NRATV.


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