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NRATV Weighs in on Court’s Decision to Reject Peruta

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced several historic decisions, effecting religious liberty, national security and much in-between. For gun owners, however, it was the High Court’s lack of action that left the most impact, when it decided not to hear Peruta v. California. In doing so, the Court rejected a major Second Amendment challenge to California’s strict limits on carrying concealed guns in public and effectively upheld California’s anti-gun interpretation of the Second Amendment. 

NRATV’s hosts and commentators have spent the last 24 hours weighing in. 

“There are millions of Americans who are being denied a constitutional right at this moment,” said Cam Edwards, host of Cam & Co. “The Court could have stepped in.”

Edwards didn’t wallow in disappointment. Instead, he reassured Second Amendment supporters that the NRA will never stop fighting for our God-given rights. “The Framers of the Constitution did not intend to limit that right [the Second Amendment] to the home,” said Edwards, quoting Justice Thomas’s and Justice Gorsuch’s dissent from the majority’s decision to reject a review of Peruta.  

On Tuesday, Grant Stinchfield spoke to his Stinchfield audience about the decision. “Your God-given rights shouldn’t differ from one state to the next,” said Stinchfield. The host, whose analysis can be watched above, also felt the Court’s decision sent a clear message to Congress. “It must pass National Concealed Carry reciprocity, and it must do it now,” he said, echoing Edwards’ tone of a continued fight for National Reciprocity from the NRA and its more than 5 million members.

NRATV Commentator Dana Loesch took a long-term view of the Court’s decision, as well as other developments surrounding the High Court. “This underscores the need to make sure that we get Second Amendment friendly justices on the bench whenever possible,” said Loesch as she astutely reminded viewers of upcoming Second Amendment cases likely to be seen by the Court. Loesch also noted the rumored retirement of Justice Kennedy, which would allow President Trump to move the Supreme Court closer to a firm pro-Second Amendment majority. 

For continued coverage of the Supreme Court and the fight for National Reciprocity, tune into NRATV.

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