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Dana Loesch Defends NRA Ad, Responds To Threats From Violent Left

On Wednesday, the violent left had a collective meltdown over an NRA ad that features Dana Loesch. The ad, titled “The Violence of Lies,” calls out the arson, vandalism, hatred, incendiary rhetoric and numerous other violent acts that the left has proudly engaged in since the election of President Donald Trump. 

Liberal MSNBC anchor Sally Kohn claimed the ad was a call to violence. “Scary… #Resist #ENOUGH,” tweeted the Brady Campaign. Tamike Mallory penned an open letter to the NRA on behalf of the Women’s March, demanding the “dangerous propaganda videos be taken down” (No such letter has been sent to Madonna for using the Women’s March to talk about blowing up the White House. Tomato-tomato). And of course, every mainstream media outlet from Vox to Huffington Post jumped on the outrage wagon, each giving it their all to out-victimized the others. 

On Thursday, Loesch appeared on NRATV’s “Stinchfield to respond to the organized assault against her and the NRA. “I am proud of this ad. I endorse personally the message of this ad,” Loesch told host Grant Stinchfield. “It’s a fantastic ad and it holds up a mirror to the violent aspects of the left.” 

Those violent aspects can be readily understood by Googling the symbol of the “Resistance”: a closed fist, held in the air with the words “Resist” underneath it. During her appearance Thursday, Loesch held up a picture of the “Resist” fist to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the violent left. Ironically (or perhaps expectedly), leftist leaders who proudly display this violent image, were among the first to publically take issue with this line in Loesch’s ad: “the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.”

Among the so-called outraged is DeRay Mckesson, a prominent leader of Black Lives Matter. Mckesson unapologetically holds up the “Resist” fist on his social media profiles and while being photographed by the media. Yet, when Loesch talked about a metaphorical “clenched fist of truth,” Mckesson cried, “this NRA ad is an open call to violence to protect white supremacy.” 

On the topic of an open call to violence, it should be noted that Mckesson helped organize riots that lost revenue or caused property damage to more than 850 businesses and injured more than 100 law enforcement officers.

“When I say the clenched fist of truth, I mean the clenched fist of truth,” said Loesch. Since her interview Thursday morning, followers have begun using #ClenchedFistofTruth on social media to show their support. 

In the end, this is an all-too-familiar story: The violent left disagreed with what Loesch had to say, so they engaged in an all-out, organized assault against her. They’ve threatened her on social media, left her disturbing texts and voicemails, sent her pictures of dead bodies in the mail and stalked her home. In so doing, they prove the point of the NRA ad with which they pretend to be outraged.

“Some of these individuals they just simply see the logo of the NRA and because they have a particular leaning for violence they project that onto everyone else, particularly with those individuals with whom they disagree,” said Loesch. “I don’t have to remind you or anyone else of what happened sadly just 2 weeks ago, when a leftist went to a ballfield with a list of Republican congressmen.” 

Loesch’s full interview with Grant Stinchfield can be watched on NRATV here

Editorial Note: Loesch’s NRA ad was released more than two months ago. However, it is unsurprising the left just now caught onto it. After all, it’s been more than 200 years and they still haven’t caught onto the concept of the U.S. Constitution.

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