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A Week Of Freedom June 24 – 30

A Week Of Freedom June 24 – 30

Photo credit: Darren Parker

Features from the July issue of America’s 1st Freedom take center stage in this print launch Week of Freedom.

1. NRA Carry Guard Interview—Eric Frohardt
NRA Carry Guard’s Training Director Eric Frohardt talks to American Warrior.

2. Watch Out For These Anti-Gun Words And Phrases
Editor Mark Chesnut identifies some of the key phrases used in the media that should send up red flags for anti-gun bias.

3. Sessions Draws Media’s Ire … For Wanting To Enforce The Law
NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre takes on the media’s “pathological” antagonism toward Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

4. Exercise Your Freedom | Smith & Wesson 929
Frank Winn says the Performance Center 929 is a beast of a gun that’s remarkably tame to handle.

5. Cam’s Corner | How To Save Baltimore
Cam Edwards says that while many people acknowledge the epidemic of violent crime in Baltimore, those in power refuse to confront the real source of the problem.

6. Finding America’s Murder Problem
Researcher and criminologist John R. Lott Jr. explains why the notion of a nationwide murder problem distracts from the real issues.

7. Should We Care What ISIS Thinks Of Our Rights?
Charles C.W. Cooke argues that debating ISIS members' opinion on the Second Amendment is missing the point entirely.

8. Return Of The BatBass
NASCAR fans won't want to miss the epic return of the elusive BatBass, set for Aug. 19 at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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