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Chatterday | Saturday, July 15

Chatterday | Saturday, July 15

“The fact that a small group of professors dislike a law and speculate about a ‘chilling effect’ is hardly a valid basis to set the law aside.” — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on a federal judge’s decision to throw out a lawsuit to block campus carry in the state.

“It’s an elite handgun intended for law enforcement and military personnel who may need to fire it with split second notice.” — Matt Gonzalez, attorney for five-time deportee accused of murdering Kate Steinle, blaming the gun for the murder.

“This new study picks out just two to four states, and in many cases effectively just uses Hawaii to compare with right-to-carry states. In the cases of Idaho and Minnesota, over 96 percent of the comparison is just with Hawaii.” — Criminologist John Lott, debunking a new “study” that claims Right-to-Carry laws caused higher crime.

“The city has taken the position that the best way to defend yourself is not to be armed. So, your notion … is quite an insult to the wards that have greater crime.” — D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton claiming that the idea of letting D.C. residents have guns for self-defense is an “insult.”

“Mr. Freeman reported that even after firing two (2) shots, he still considered the decedent to be a threat observing him to [be] armed with the knife and responding to the cries of the mother to help her because she felt the children were going to die …” — Pontotoc County, Okla., District Attorney Paul Smith in announcing that an armed man who saved his neighbor’s kids would not be charged.

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