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With The Truth Under Fire, NRATV Fights Back

NRATV released three new commentaries this week that took on the false rhetoric being served up by the so-called “mainstream” media. In Who Fights For Black Gun Rights, Colion Noir responded to an attack on the NRA from the Black Lives Matter movement. Funded by George Soros and other liberal organizations, Black Lives Matter has become nothing more than a weaponized race-baiting machine that pushes the extreme liberal Democratic agenda, claimed Noir. He reminded viewers that NRA has done more for black gun rights than Black Lives Matter ever has.

Dana Loesch had a message for Women’s March organizers in Farrakhan’s Anarchist Angels. She urged them to stand up to the violence of men like Louis Farrakhan—one of the men behind the group—and plan a march to end his hate-filled propaganda. “You let a racist, anti-Semitic man use your women to push his own twisted vision for America,” Loesch noted. “So tell me, who’s the real feminist?"

Antonia Okafor also called out The Fake Feminist Women’s March as a guise for the regressive—not progressive—Left. It’s not about empowering women, but enforcing a liberal agenda. Okafor blasted Women's March organizers for claiming they’re all for a woman's right to choose—until the choice includes a woman's right to self-defense with a firearm. “Empowered women like me are not buying it any longer,” she concluded.

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