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Dana #WhipLoesches Opponent On Fox

Dana Loesch appeared on Fox News’ “The Story” Tuesday evening to defend the latest NRATV video that calls out The Washington Post's abuse of the First Amendment.

The Washington Post just gets mad anytime the NRA talks about anything,” Loesch said.

The NRA spokesperson said the paper has “maligned this organization... 16 ways to Sunday” by using unreliable sources to purposely slander gun-owners and Trump supporters.

Her opponent, Democratic strategist Matt Bennett retaliated by incorrectly quoting the video in question, saying the NRA's imagery of a “clenched fist of freedom” sounded like the organization is promoting taking up arms to combat the left.

Loesch disagreed, and said the commentary correctly portrayed violent leftist anarchists destroying public property and did not condemn the right to peacefully protest.

"You're conflating peaceful protests with riots," Loesch said.

Loesch then took to NRATV’s Stinchfield Wednesday morning to further condemn Bennett and The Washington Post.

“He really doesn’t have anything to offer in terms of solutions,” she said. “I mean, my God, he can’t even quote people accurately.”

Without hesitation, Loesch took another chance to “whip-Loesch” the paper over its feigned anger: “The Washington Post is just mad all of the time, I think they need a Midol,” she told host Grant Stinchfield.

According to Loesch, the recent NRATV commentaries are clearly doing their jobs because they have forced leftist media entities like The Washington Post to admit that there is violence that exists on the left—something they refused to do until now.

You can watch Dana’s full interview on NRATV.

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