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Friday, July 21, 2017

California Anti-Gun Bills Still Under Consideration

Never a state to let a gun control bill die, California has several anti-gun bills that are still up for consideration. Here are three to be aware of.

Assembly Bill 424, sponsored by Democrat Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, would take away the privilege of school district superintendents to grant permission to an individual to lawfully carry a firearm within a school zone. NRA-ILA asks, what have authorities done to deserve having this important decision-making power taken away from them? 

Senate Bill 464, sponsored by Democrat state Sen. Jerry Hill, would increase the already-cumbersome requirements for how firearm dealers must store and secure their inventory. This unnecessary red tape would make it virtually impossible for small businesses to comply with the law.

Senate Bill 497, sponsored by Democrat state Sen. Anthony Portantino, would limit the transfer and purchases of firearms to one per month, essentially extending the current handgun law to include long guns. As NRA-ILA notes, this law would do nothing to address the criminal misuse of firearms or firearms trafficking.

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