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Friday, July 21, 2017

Carry Permit Holders Top 16 Million

In what shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) has reported that 2016—the last year of President Barack Obama’s administration—recorded a new high in totals for concealed handgun permit holders. That’s the fourth consecutive record-breaking year.

The 1.83 million permits issued last year bring the total to 16.3 million concealed-carry permit holders in America. Some of the biggest increases were by women and black people. Of the states that provide data by gender, women comprised 36 percent of permit holders. For the states providing data by race, the number of permits for black gun owners rose 30 percent faster than for white gun owners.

In all, 6.53 percent of American adults have permits. Excluding the highly gun-controlled states of California and New York, that figure jumps to 8 percent. The highest rate among individual states is found in Alabama at 20 percent. Eleven more states have more than 10 percent of adults possessing permits.

CPRC is a research and education organization dedicated to providing objective information on both the costs and benefits of gun ownership. You can view the full report here.

Florida Has Expedited Carry Permits To Military Personnel

Since the terrorist attack on American troops in Chattanooga, Tenn., the state of Florida has been taking extra steps to make sure that our men and women in uniform are able to defend themselves.

Breitbart reports that shortly after the incident, Florida announced an expedited process to allow military members to attain concealed-carry permits on a shorter timeframe and at a younger age. The program, which is overseen by State Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, has issued 82,000 of the expedited permits over the past two years.

Commenting on the success of the program, Putnam stated, “This is just one example of what we do through our department to make Florida the most veteran- and military-friendly state in the nation.”

California Anti-Gun Bills Still Under Consideration

Never a state to let a gun control bill die, California has several anti-gun bills that are still up for consideration. Here are three to be aware of.

Assembly Bill 424, sponsored by Democrat Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, would take away the privilege of school district superintendents to grant permission to an individual to lawfully carry a firearm within a school zone. NRA-ILA asks, what have authorities done to deserve having this important decision-making power taken away from them? 

Senate Bill 464, sponsored by Democrat state Sen. Jerry Hill, would increase the already-cumbersome requirements for how firearm dealers must store and secure their inventory. This unnecessary red tape would make it virtually impossible for small businesses to comply with the law.

Senate Bill 497, sponsored by Democrat state Sen. Anthony Portantino, would limit the transfer and purchases of firearms to one per month, essentially extending the current handgun law to include long guns. As NRA-ILA notes, this law would do nothing to address the criminal misuse of firearms or firearms trafficking.

Stay up to speed with the latest from the Golden State at the California Stand and Fight website.

Editorial Writer Uses Police Shooting To Argue For Stricter Gun Laws

An op-ed published at PennLive.com used the tragic death of Justine Diamond, the Australian woman shot by a Minnesota police officer under mysterious circumstances, as the jumping-off point for a meandering attack on U.S. gun laws.

The author calls attention to the contrast between the strict gun control found in Australia and the respect for the Second Amendment shown in the United States. At one point, he even gives a list of examples of how difficult it is to get a gun in various European countries.

After reading this entire article, we can only assume that the author meant to imply that Justine Diamond was somehow a victim of American gun laws. If so, does he think that police should be disarmed? Even Australia hasn’t followed the UK in going quite that far. If there’s any logic to this argument, we confess that it escaped us.

Armed Louisiana Homeowner Thwarts Home Invasion

A Zachary, La., homeowner shot and killed a home invader late Tuesday night, causing the rest of a group of people trying to break into the house to flee.

According to local media reports, Damon Hayes and two other people broke into the home. But the homeowner, who knew at least one of the intruders, used his firearm to put an end to the invasion.

Wbrz.com reports that police later arrested accomplice Jordale Carter, who has multiple previous arrests for charges including illegal possession of a firearm, illegal use of a weapon, sexual battery and resisting arrest.

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