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A Week Of Freedom | July 15 – 22

A Week Of Freedom | July 15 – 22

We keep our thumb on the pulse of the gun rights movement in this smashing Week of Freedom.

Coming Unhinged In Cleveland
A Cleveland columnist goes off the deep end over carry legislation under consideration in the Ohio Legislature.

2. Can The Government Unmask Gun Onwers?
Frank Miniter explores how a recent court ruling could endanger gun owner privacy under an anti-Second Amendment administration.

3. Gun Control And The Demise Of Chicago And Baltimore
AWR Hawkins chronicles how restrictive gun control in both Chicago and Maryland has been followed by booming murder rates.

4. The Danger Of A "Not In My Backyard" Mentality On Shooting Ranges
Cam Edwards discusses the importance of safe places in which to practice your Second Amendment rights.

5. Exercise Your Freedom: Reloading, Part 8
Pow(d)ering up those perfectly prepped cases can make things go right, or very, very wrong.

6. Women’s March Leaders Turn On One Of Their Own
Stacy Washington describes how Women’s March leaders turned on one of their own during the recent anti-NRA protest.

7. One More Reason Gun Owners Should Be Celebrated
While you won’t hear about it in the so-called “mainstream” media, the safety record of American gun owners is nothing short of spectacular.

8. When Gun Control Fails
Gun control fails far more often than not. Frequent contributor AWR Hawkins explains what happens when such failures occur.

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