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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

California Gun Range Faces Uncertain But Hopeful Future

The Cordova Shooting Center in Rancho Cordova, Calif., remains in danger of closing, but it is becoming clear that many in the small community are committed to keeping it open. FOX 40 reports that the Cordova Recreation and Park District board of directors voted in a special meeting to allow the range to stay in operation for the time being, with the option of replacing it with a different vendor later.

The range, which is owned by the park service and operated by Marksmanship Consultants, has offered outdoor shooting to the community for more than 40 years. This year they were notified that their lease would not be renewed, following an internal study that recommended shutting down the range and replacing it. The study cited new development in the area and the high cost of safety upgrades as reasons for closing the Cordova Shooting Center.

NRA-ILA states that the vast majority of speakers at the standing-room-only meeting were in favor of keeping the range open. While the future of this public facility is not finally decided, we can chalk this up as a temporary victory for grassroots activism.

Appeals Court Blocks Restrictive D.C. Carry Law

A federal appeals court has blocked Washington, D.C.’s “good reason” regulations for issuing concealed-carry permits to law-abiding citizens on Second Amendment grounds.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled 2-1 that lower courts must issue permanent injunctions blocking enforcement of the D.C. law. In the ruling, the court said the Second Amendment does not allow for bans on carrying a firearm “absent a special need for self-defense.”

In the majority opinion, Circuit Judge Thomas B. Griffith wrote: “In fact, the Amendment’s core at a minimum shields the typically situated citizen’s ability to carry common arms generally. The District’s good-reason law is necessarily a total ban on exercises of that constitutional right for most D.C. residents. That’s enough to sink this law under Heller I.”

The city’s “good reason” regulations have been in effect since 2014.

NRA Grant Helps Equip Texas Sheriff’s Department

Laredo County and Webb County in Texas are the recent recipients of a law enforcement grant awarded by the NRA Foundation. The monies enabled the sheriff’s office to purchase two AR-15 rifles for deputies.

"This is a great way to equip our personnel and further ensure the safety for our officers while they are out safeguarding our community," Sheriff Martin Cuellar told the Laredo Morning Times. Cuellar also extended his appreciation to the local and national Friends of NRA chapters for their assistance in helping to secure the grant.

The NRA Foundation is America’s leading charitable organization in support of the shooting sports—awarding nearly $335 million in grant funding since 1990. Learn more at NRAFoundation.org.

Woman Arranges Robbery Of Elderly Man, Who Shoots Her Accomplice

Two robbers picked the wrong 72-year-old Tennessee man to mug. And only one lived to tell the story.

Nashville police say Molena Holt, 26, asked Robert James Johnson for a ride to Springfield. Johnson agreed, but Holt said she needed to stop by an apartment first. Holt left the car after arriving, then disappeared around the apartment as two accomplices approached, struck Johnson and took his wallet. But the elderly victim was prepared, having been robbed at gunpoint years ago, and he drew his gun and fired a single shot—striking 46-year-old Randall Caradine.

The second suspect drove Caradine to a nearby garage, called 911 and left him. Caradine was transported to a hospital where he died. Investigators say the incident was orchestrated by Holt who needed $30 to pay Caradine and his friend for drugs. “They messed with the wrong person that day. I’m a good shooter,” Johnson told reporters, adding he’s sorry he “didn’t get the other one.”

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