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The Daily Beast Aims Gun at U.S. Military. Dom Raso Responds.

In his newly released NRATV commentary, “Daily Beast Aims Gun at U.S. Military,” veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso condemns an image of violence that The Daily Beast created to help push its agenda of lies.

"The Daily Beast took a picture of a trained woman with a firearm—someone taking their security and safety seriously—and inserted a Marine in front of it, so that the barrel of her gun was pointing directly at his back," says Raso. "And yet they have the audacity to accuse us of intimidation and threats of violence."

Raso juxtaposes the violent, anti-American imagery created by The Daily Beast, with a quote from the same article that attacked him and the NRA.

"Listen to this quote from The Daily Beast," Raso says. "'We believe that the use of intimidation, fear mongering and threats of violence to crush the people’s right to peaceful assembly, redress grievances and maintain a free press is the first step … towards authoritarianism.'"

Highlighting the fake news hypocrisy, Raso asks, "Does that image not create fear mongering? The NRA didn’t point the barrel at his back, The Daily Beast did."

According to Raso, the violent graphic used against the U.S. military by The Daily Beast is "exactly the type of propaganda we’re up against."

Raso says that that the NRA doesn’t resort to altering facts, images or video to try to push an agenda: "Because when you fight with the clenched fist of truth, you don't need to."

You can watch Dom Raso’s full commentary of truth on NRATV.


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