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Friday, July 28, 2017

NYT Readers Up In Arms Over A Black Woman With A Gun

When campus-carry activist and friend of A1F Antonia Okafor published a column in The New York Times defending her right to protect herself with a firearm on school grounds, many readers apparently didn’t like the spectacle of a black woman defending the Second Amendment.

As reported in The Blaze, a number of comments attacked Okafor’s stance. “Yet another argument that relies on emotions, not facts,” one complained. Another asked, “Why carry a gun instead of pepper spray, which will incapacitate an attacker but is not lethal and not a danger to innocent bystanders?” A third reader said that, “As a black person this author should be careful what she wishes for … Blacks continue to be stereotyped as violent, and she’s not helping.”

Your typical NYT reader cares a lot about the abstract concept of social justice, but apparently concrete measures to empower black women rub a lot of them the wrong way. We’re just glad that Antonia is in the habit of not listening to that type of criticism.