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A Week Of Freedom | July 23 – 29

A Week Of Freedom | July 23 – 29

Photo credit: Darren Parker
We take you behind the scenes of NRA Carry Guard's training program in this instructional Week of Freedom.

1. Behind The Training At NRA Carry Guard

Frank Winn looks under the hood of NRA Carry Guard’s groundbreaking training program with National Director George Severence and Training Director Eric Frohardt.

2. Standing Guard | Media Rage Against Trump And His Promise Of A Better Nation
Wayne LaPierre analyzes the media’s hatred for the president in light of its treatment of the NRA’s “Cincinnati Revolution” 40 years ago.

3. Cam’s Corner | Say What You Mean, Congresswoman
Cam Edwards chastises politicians who shy away from loaded terms like "gun control" yet continue to advance a strongly anti-gun agenda.

4. The Total Disconnect On Guns And Crime
Editor Mark Chesnut says that the reaction to the attack on GOP congressmen reveals an ugly truth about anti-gun advocates.

5. In What World Will You Live?
The response to the actions of a crazed leftist shooter reveals just how distant the world of anti-gun advocates is from reality.

6. Exercise Your Freedom | DoubleStar “Always Ready Carbine”
Frank Winn says that the DoubleStar ARC in .300 Blackout delivers performance and “two guns in one” versatility.

7. Brits Vs. Guns
Will a society that has long turned its back on armed self-defense ever be able to find its way back?

8. Views On Concealed Carry Changing In Black Community
Frequent contributor AWR Hawkins explores the quickly changing attitude toward guns in America’s black communities.

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