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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bloomberg Admits His Side Is Losing The War Against Gun Owners

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Michael Bloomberg answered a question about gun control and the lack of movement from Congress in passing more legislation. “What does it take to get Congress to pass something like expanded background checks?" he was asked.

His response is very revealing in that it lacks the cocky self-assurance typically seen in the man for whom money is usually the answer for every “problem.” Instead, he basically conceded defeat: “We’ve tried to work to get background checks in at the state level because it seems not likely at the federal level at the moment.”

Yes, the same megalomaniac who first tried to get New York City to conform to his every control—from soda and trans fats, to privacy and gun control—and then threw millions into state races across the U.S. in order to buy up our freedom, is now admitting that, “I think it is fair to say at a federal level, we don’t seem to be making progress and at the state level, it’s a few [gun control laws] each year and, you know, that’s OK.” But he couldn’t stop himself from weakly throwing in at the end, “We’re saving a lot of lives.”