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Left Drags Out Faux Outrage Over NRA Ad

The violent left’s faux outrage over Dana Loesch’s NRA ad continued over Fourth of July weekend. In the ad, Loesch condemns the left’s violent actions and rhetoric, which have become increasingly dangerous in recent months.

Loesch joined NRATV’s "Stinchfield" Wednesday to once again clarify the message twisted by the violent left and their instigators in the media. “There always is a backlash from individuals who, quite frankly, hate looking truth in the face,” Loesch told Bill Whittle, who is filling in for Grant Stinchfield.

The NRA has consistently condemned the violent left since the election of President Donald Trump. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre served the same message in his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference back in February. “Right now, we face a gathering of forces that are willing to use violence against us,” he said. “The left's message is absolutely clear. They want revenge. You have to be punished. They say you are what is wrong with America and now you have to be purged.”

In an earlier episode of “Stinchfield”, Whittle stated the NRA’s message clearly: “We’re not calling for violence, we’re calling for defense of ourselves in the face of your violence.”

This is directly out of the violent left’s playbook: Anything that undermines their agenda is met with an all-out assault, no matter how hypocritical. However, it seems as if many have forgotten that it was a radical leftist who attempted to assassinate members of the GOP less than a month ago.

Loesch’s full interview with Bill Whittle can be watched on NRATV.



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