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NRA Carry Guard Expo Features Offerings Tailored To Women

NRA Carry Guard Expo Features Offerings Tailored To Women

If you’ve been following this publication, by now you’ve certainly heard about the NRA Carry Guard Expo, being held in Milwaukee on Aug. 25-27. This new event is designed to be the ultimate destination for people interested in personal protection and concealed carry. And in keeping with the rapidly expanding ranks of female gun owners, we were pleased to see that the expo has plenty of offerings tailored to women.

The following seminars and workshops may be of particular interest:

Methods Of Concealed Carry For Women Using Blue Guns to simulate many of the most popular handguns for women, we will provide a wide variety of holster and carry options, give brief demonstrations of how they are used and allow the ladies hands-on access to each in order to determine which will fit and work best for them.

Drawing From A Holster: Step-By-Step Method And Drills For Women This seminar will require preregistration via email. It will teach ladies to actually draw and dry fire from an outside the waistband (concealable) holster. We will provide various size holsters, give step-by-step method for draw, aim, fire, assess and reholster using standard practice drills.

For Women: Handgun Fit, Function And Making Educated Decisions Using a variety of firearms that are the most popular among women today, Debbie Crews and Diane Danielson will provide a seminar on how to fit and use them and discuss the decision-making process. The second half of the session will allow the group to handle the firearms to help decide what will work best for them. It will also allow them to venture with confidence to the show floor to try additional models not represented.

American Rifleman Ladies Pistol Project: Landmark Study On Women’s Shooting Preferences And Concealed Carry When it comes to handguns, what do women really want? Which guns fit their hands best? What do NRA Instructors need to know—and what lessons can be learned from female NRA Certified Instructors—when it comes to women and gun selection? American Rifleman’s Ann Y. Smith set out to answer those questions with a project that involved 35 women shooting 18 different guns—many of them touted as “female friendly.” What did she learn? Attend the special presentation and find out for yourself.

Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminar Learn personal safety tips and techniques you need to avoid dangerous situations and prevent becoming a victim of crime. While not exclusively designed for women, the Refuse To Be A Victim® curriculum teaches the tips and techniques needed to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid being preyed on by criminals. It is offered nationwide and has seen high numbers of female attendees looking to empower themselves.

All the seminars and workshops that will be offered at the NRA Carry Guard Expo in August can be viewed at this listing. And believe us, this barely scratches the surface! Exhibitors from 5.11 Tactical to Lethal Lace will be offering clothing and accessories that make concealed carry both comfortable and fashion-forward.

Tickets to the NRA Carry Guard Expo are open to the public and can be purchased here. Most seminars and workshops are free and open to attendees, but some will require additional fees and/or preregistration. We hope to see you ladies (and gents) there!

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