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A Week Of Freedom — July 1 – 7

A Week Of Freedom — July 1 – 7

We celebrate Independence Day in this liberty-for-all Week of Freedom.

1. Biting Back For California

The NRA is taking part in a new lawsuit to reclaim gun rights for California residents.

2. Carry Life | Home “Carry,” Part 8: Sights, Fibers And Lasers
Sighting tech has twists you may not suspect, and they’re especially consequential at home.

3. Training School Staff To Be Armed First Responders
While some Colorado school staff members are receiving life-saving training to protect their children, many more are on the waiting list.

4. Cam’s Corner | Celebrate Independence Day Every Day
Cam Edwards explains how the freedoms we celebrate on July 4 are still worth fighting for every day of the year.

5. Wheelchair Bound Woman Courageously Uses Gun To Scare Off Attackers
When two men tried to break into Melinda Vandal’s home, the fact that she had a gun and knew how to use it saved her from what could have been a catastrophe.

6. Teaching The History Of Freedom To A New Generation
Frequent A1F Daily contributor Darren LaSorte explores how the lack of knowledge of American history is perhaps the greatest danger to our republic.

7. California Dems Rally To Keep Teachers Defenseless
Anti-gun California Democrats are trying to change the law allowing school districts to decide whether teachers and staff can carry a firearm to protect innocent students.

8. NRA Carry Guard Expo Features Offerings Tailored To Women
From seminars to clothing, women can expect to find plenty at the NRA Carry Guard Expo designed specifically for them.

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