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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New Jersey AG Hypes Useless Gun “Buyback”

We’ve told you in the past how so-called gun “buybacks” are just a ploy by cynical politicians to make it seem like they are doing something about violent crime. Now New Jersey’s attorney general is making that point himself.

In a column at northjersey.com, Attorney General Christopher Porrino wrote: “Gun violence is a complex issue, and buybacks certainly are not a complete solution.” In fact, they are no solution at all, as Porrino must certainly know that even the editorial board of the Times of Trenton recently wrote: “Indeed, studies done by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research have shown that buyback programs have little impact on preventing gun violence.”

You must read further to find out what Porrino thinks the real value of turn-in programs is. “From what we’ve seen, and from what our local partners tell us, these buybacks have a galvanizing effect in our communities and they help create public awareness,” Porrino wrote. “Many people in the community are energized by their participation.”

Ah, so even though they are ineffective, such programs make some people feel good. That explains a lot.