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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tennessee Town Might Soon Allow Guns In City Hall

While Farragut, Tenn., currently has a gun ban in its town hall, that might not be so in the very near future, thanks to a new state law.

According to a feature at Knoxnews.com, town aldermen have agreed to poll city employees on whether the ban should be removed or kept in place.

The move came in reaction to the state’s passage of a new law, which requires municipalities to allow residents with handgun permits to bring firearms into public buildings, or to provide metal detectors or guards with security wands in public buildings that ban firearms. The law evens the odds by permitting law-abiding citizens to carry their firearms in government buildings, when criminals already do so whenever they choose.

According to the Knoxnews.com feature, by now most cities have chosen to remove signs and allow firearms, or to invest in the required security measures, to comply with the law.