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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

House Lawmakers Request An End To Obama’s Operation Choke Point

A group of GOP leaders is asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end “Operation Choke Point,” an Obama administration program that unfairly targeted legal businesses related to firearms.

In their Aug. 10 letter, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and four other House members said the program resulted in “abuses” by financial regulators, who “intimidat[ed] financial institutions into denying banking services” to legitimate businesses that the administration “ideologically opposed.”

The letter comes after a June 22 House Judiciary Committee meeting with firearms-related businesses and other legal businesses that were unfairly targeted. “They all had similar stories of longstanding banking relationships suddenly terminated without any evidence of heightened risk or wrongdoing,” the letter reported, saying the inability to borrow money “destroyed legitimate businesses,” the letter read.

The lawmakers requested the Committee “take immediate corrective action,” including giving financial institutions “explicit assurance” that they can serve those unfairly targeted, and asked for a formal repudiation of Operation Choke Point.