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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Baltimore Council Approves Mandatory Minimum Sentences

With Baltimore, Md., facing a record-high homicide rate, city leaders have been desperately looking for solutions to curb the violence. On Monday, the City Council voted to require a mandatory one-year prison sentence for someone illegally carrying a gun that is connected with a crime. A second offense would also result in a one-year sentence, regardless of circumstances.

The measure’s approval follows on the heels of the City Council’s release of its so-called gun violence plan, “Live To Be More.” In the plan’s strategy guide, they declare that the program “recognizes gun violence as a disease and treats it through a public health lens.”

In truth, criminal activity is not a sickness, it is a choice. And until city leaders make the choice to treat the root of the violence problem instead of a symptom, they can pass all the measures they want, but they won’t see a reduction in their homicide numbers.