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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Breitbart Highlights Armed Self-Defense

While there are roughly 760,000 defensive gun uses a year, the media’s longstanding disdain for guns—coupled with the fact that in many cases, no shots are fired—means most are never reported outside local outlets, if at all.

Unfortunately, with the recent uptick in defensive gun use deniers—such as The New York Times, which claimed “concealed-carry permit holders are rarely involved in stopping crime,” and Demanding Mom Shannon Watts, who claims “data shows” it “doesn’t happen”—this has become more than just an annoyance. If the rhetoric from the Left is that guns are not successful self-defense tools, and no one hears the stories disproving this nonsense, the next generation of potential gun owners might decide to simply take their chances instead—with potentially deadly results.

So we were thrilled to see a recent article on Breitbart.com detailing how 24 armed citizens from 11(!) to 85, from Hoonah, Alaska, to Lakeland, Fla., used their guns to thwart criminal attack. We’ve been reporting such stories in our Armed Citizen column for decades, but we can’t fight the rising tide of deniers on our own. Hats off to Breitbart for once again picking up the mantle, and here’s hoping other pro-freedom news outlets follow suit.

Australia Turn-In Fails To Impact Illegal Gun Ownership

The National Firearms Amnesty Program currently underway in Australia, which ostensibly operates with the aim of taking illegally possessed guns off the streets, is producing predictable results—a trickle of guns, most of which were lawfully owned in the first place.

NRA-ILA reports that the turn-in program has netted about 12,500 guns, while estimates of the number of illegal firearms in the country range from 260,000 to 600,000. Anecdotal evidence suggests that only a tiny percentage of the guns turned in have been handguns—the type of gun favored by criminals—and that a large proportion of them have been unwanted guns that people inherited from relatives.

Thanks to the involvement of the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA), participants in the program also have the option of registering guns that they are legally eligible to possess or selling them through a licensed firearms dealer.

Baltimore Council Approves Mandatory Minimum Sentences

With Baltimore, Md., facing a record-high homicide rate, city leaders have been desperately looking for solutions to curb the violence. On Monday, the City Council voted to require a mandatory one-year prison sentence for someone illegally carrying a gun that is connected with a crime. A second offense would also result in a one-year sentence, regardless of circumstances.

The measure’s approval follows on the heels of the City Council’s release of its so-called gun violence plan, “Live To Be More.” In the plan’s strategy guide, they declare that the program “recognizes gun violence as a disease and treats it through a public health lens.”

In truth, criminal activity is not a sickness, it is a choice. And until city leaders make the choice to treat the root of the violence problem instead of a symptom, they can pass all the measures they want, but they won’t see a reduction in their homicide numbers.

Invader Fatally Shot In Georgia Apartment Break-In

At around 4 a.m. on Sunday, 24-year-old Cartrell Brooks forced his way into a Warner Robins, Ga., apartment armed with a gun. Inside were two residents, Malandon West and James Alderson, and—no doubt to the surprise of Brooks—one of the men had a firearm.

When Brooks entered the residence, one of the two men inside fired “at least once,” according to Jennifer Parsons, a Warner Robins police spokesperson. Brooks was struck, and though emergency technicians transported him to a local hospital, he died a short time later.

WMAZ-13 is reporting that investigators are still looking to determine who fired the fatal shot. However, in what appears to be a clear case of self-defense, no charges are expected to be filed.

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