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Friday, August 18, 2017

HPA Supporters Counter VPC Suppressor Lies

Following an alleged “study” by the anti-gun Violence Policy Center (VPC) claiming suppressors are a threat to public safety, supporters of the Hearing Protection Act currently under consideration in Congress are disputing the gun-ban group’s “findings.”

Countering a VPC statement that “Making silencers more easily available to the public would have deadly consequences,” Jeremy Mallette, social media director for Silencer Shop in Austin, told Guns.com: “Whether you are outside or in a building, it does make a loud noise. It’s grasping at straws to vilify responsible shooters who just want to protect their hearing.”

Mallette believes there is much misunderstanding about suppressors, and VPC making false claims doesn’t help alleviate that confusion. “You can’t conceal a handgun anymore with one on, and on a rifle, it would make the rifle very unwieldy. That’s my biggest retort. (VPC) thinks silencers would be useful in these shootings, and that’s just not the case.”