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A Week Of Freedom | Aug. 13 – 19

A Week Of Freedom | Aug. 13 – 19

We race our way to Bristol Motor Speedway in this fast-paced Week of Freedom.

Anti-Gunners Try To Blame Gun Owners For Any Tragedy
When a Minnesota mosque was attacked, a state gun-ban group attempted to blame pro-gun organizations—until they were called on it.

Democrat Congresswoman Says NRA Membership A Domestic Security Threat
AWR Hawkins explores how the violent Left never asks the all-important question: Might NRA actually be telling the truth about us?

Equipping Teachers And Staff Members To Protect Students
Cam Edwards discusses a school district in Ohio that is training select teachers and staff to use firearms to protect students if an attack should occur.

No Excuse For Ignorance
Frequent A1F Daily contributor Darren LaSorte looks at the abundance of information available to help those who carry firearms know where they are legal and where they are not.

Center For American Progress Hopes Punishing Gun Owners Will Reduce Violent Crime
Stacy Washington explores recommendations by the Center for American Progress to fight gun theft by punishing lawful gun owners.

The Wait Is Over For The Bass Pro NRA Night Race
We’ve talked about it for quite awhile. Now it’s time to check the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race off your bucket list.

Kamala Harris Tries To Export California Gun Control To The Nation
AWR Hawkins explores U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris’ call for reinstating the so-called “assault weapons” ban that was passed under President Bill Clinton.

Carry Guard: Interview With Jeff Houston
We round out our talks with NRA Carry Guard “principals” with Lead Instructor Jeff Houston.

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