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Legends | The Perfect Gun For Playing Cards

Legends | The Perfect Gun For Playing Cards

Photo credit: Michael Ives

Arlayne Brown was a marksman who some say would have outshot Little Miss Sure Shot herself, Annie Oakley, had they lived in the same era. Her skill was undeniable, and she came by it early, picking up her first medal in 1929 at the age of 12. During her career, she earned an impressive 19 medals and titles at Camp Perry.

Arlayne Brown used this Colt revolver to perform remarkable shooting feats. Photo by Michael Ives

Like most pistol shooters of her day, Arlayne favored the revolver. This Colt double-action .38 was specially ordered for pistol competition, and her name is engraved on the left side of the frame.

One of Arlayne’s favorite tricks was to shoot a playing card in half while aiming at it on edge. Many exhibition shooters accomplished the same feat, but Arlayne did it at 60 yards.

The St. Louis native was a regular with the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Rodeo, a group that toured the country as part of the Miller Brothers Wild West Show.

Arlayne’s revolver, and guns of other famous exhibition shooters such as Ad and Pinky Topperwein and Herb Parsons, are on display at the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Va., located on the first floor of NRA Headquarters.

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