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What Rep. Kathleen Rice Doesn’t Understand About The NRA

What Rep. Kathleen Rice Doesn’t Understand About The NRA

It seems so long ago that the so-called “mainstream” media and anti-gun politicians like U.S. Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., were breathlessly taking NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch to task for a video in which she said NRATV would “fight the violence of lies with the clinched fist of truth.” It was “implied violence” to declare that lies would be fought with the truth, according to Rep. Rice and a steady stream of anti-gun pundits and commentators. According to Rep. Rice, Loesch’s comments were evidence that she and every other NRA member are “domestic security threats.” Rice’s comments drew howls of protest from gun owners across the country, but many of those anti-gun commentators quietly agreed with the congresswoman.

Meanwhile, many of these same individuals have been tripping over themselves trying to prove that there are no “domestic security threats” in #TheResistance. Yet their attempts at spin have become more difficult with every overt act of violence, especially those targeting members of law enforcement. Signs at protests comparing cops to the KKK may be despicable, but they’re at least protected by the First Amendment. Bottles of urine thrown at officers trying to keep the peace, on the other hand, are not. And ambushing officers in cold blood is an act worthy of the worst punishment our justice system can deliver.

The man accused of killing Kissimmee, Fla., Officer Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard posted screeds attacking police, President Donald Trump and white nationalists on his Facebook page. Hours before he allegedly murdered the two police officers, a post appeared on his social media that claimed white supremacists were infiltrating police departments. As of this writing no official motive has been offered for the slaying of Officer Baxter and Sgt. Howard, but we know the suspect had a seething anger towards police officers.

Those two police officers were unable to draw their firearms before being attacked by their killer, according to police. In Steubenville, Ohio, on Monday, however, a judge was able to return fire along with a nearby probation officer when he was ambushed while heading into the local courthouse. While the motive in the attack is not yet known, we do know that being armed helped save that judge’s life. According to Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla, he recommended carrying a firearm to Judge Joseph Bruzzese several years ago, and clearly the judge listened. On Monday, at a news conference, the sheriff said every judge and prosecutor should be armed for their protection. Without a doubt, the anti-gun crowd will find that to be a horrible idea, but I expect it will become more commonplace. Self-defense is a human right, even for those charged with enforcing or adjudicating the law.

Rep. Rice has (as of this writing) remained silent about the recent attacks on law-enforcement officers. She said nothing as officers in Boston had bottles of pee, rocks and other objects thrown at them. Her social media feed, so active when she was attacking NRA members, has been mute on the topic of Antifa and other groups declaring that our law enforcement, sworn to protect and serve, are their sworn enemies.

The fact of the matter is that there are Americans on the fringes of our political spectrum who aren’t interested in debate or discourse. Whether they identify as being on the left or on the right, they’re actually both just anti-democratic. They’re not interested in using the power vested in the people to vote, win elections, pass legislation, to strike down unconstitutional laws, and other options available to politically motivated Americans. They’re not out for reform, but violent revolution. In other words, they’re the exact opposite of the NRA.

The NRA’s success stems from the civic engagement of its members.The NRA’s success stems from the civic engagement of its members. They’re registered to vote, and never miss an election. They vote for the candidate who will best protect and strengthen their right to keep and bear arms, and they’re in contact with their elected officials to ensure that their voices are heard in the tumultuous debate over gun control. They’re tenacious, refusing to give up even when faced with legislative setbacks or the deep pockets of billionaires propping up the gun control movement.

If Rep. Rice were honest, she’d have to admit that it would be much safer to have 100,000 NRA members living in her district than 100,000 Antifa members. Unfortunately, she’ll never be asked that question by anybody in the press, which helps to explain why so many Americans don’t view the so-called “mainstream” media or the anti-gun politicians they support with much credibility these days.

Cam Edwards is the host of “Cam & Co.,” which airs live 2-5 p.m. EST on NRATV and midnight EST on SiriusXM Patriot 125. He lives with his family on a small farm near Farmville, Va. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @camedwards.

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