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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

San Francisco Supervisor Stumps For Additional Gun Regulation

You would think that one day San Francisco officials would decide that they’ve made it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves with firearms and find something else to legislate out of existence.

But that day will not be today. Supervisor Mark Farrell, who represents San Francisco’s District 2, has announced his intention to introduce legislation banning carry in a wide variety of gathering places, including parks, plazas, tourist sites, and some commercial areas and thoroughfares.

Farrell told the San Francisco Examiner that he was concerned because of an upcoming rally in Crissy Field, which at least one organization is considering attending armed. But the bill itself, which was written by the anti-gun Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, seems crafted to shut down any sort of lawful carry in public, whether politically motivated or not.

Indiana Committee Will Explore Permitless Carry

An Indiana legislative committee starts this morning exploring the possibility of a permitless carry measure in the state legislature next session.

According to a report from NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, the Indiana Joint Committee on Judiciary and Public Policy will begin a summer study on the matter today. 

Permitless carry—also called constitutional carry—would eliminate the requirement for law-abiding adults to obtain a permit in order to lawfully carry, and would make the current permitting system optional, which will still allow citizens to obtain permits to take advantage of reciprocity agreements with other states. Twelve states currently have no permitting requirement for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms for self-defense, with more being added every year.

List Of Exhibitors Grows For NRA Carry Guard Expo

The list of exhibitors for this weekend’s NRA Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee continues to grow, with FN America the latest company to announce it will be attending.

The company will be displaying some of its most popular products for personal protection, including the FN 509, FNS-9 Compact, FN SCAR rifles, as well as the FN 15 II series of rifles and carbines.  

“FN actively seeks out opportunities to engage with our customer base, whether that be servicemen and women of the U.S. military, law enforcement officers or civilians protecting their homes and families,” said Tom Scott, marketing director for FN America, LLC. “The inaugural NRA Carry Guard Expo is the perfect venue for interacting with our customers, and showcasing our battle-proven firearms designed for concealed carry and personal protection.”

For more information on the NRA Carry Guard Expo, click here.

Young Women Make Up Fastest Growing Demographic Among Hunters

Sporting organizations have been working to arrest the gradual decline of hunting in America, as fewer hunting and fishing licenses are being sold than in past years. Right now, one demographic in particular is providing hope for a revival of the hunting lifestyle—women between the ages of 18 and 24.

An article at OutdoorHub.com highlights the rise of young female hunters, as documented in the 2016 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report. This study by the Outdoor Foundation reported that 18- to 24-year-old women showed the greatest increase in participation in outdoor pursuits and a participation rate 16 percent higher than males in their age range. State-level sources also identify an increase in the number of women hunting, such as in Oregon where their numbers have risen 16 percent in the last decade.

Changing social norms for women have contributed to this trend, but improvements by outfitters and hunting organizations appear to have played a positive role as well. “Female participation continues to rise due to accessibility,” said Michelle Bodenheimer of the National Wild Turkey Federation. “More and more companies are making clothing and gear specifically for women, making their pursuits easier. Organizations are offering classes and clinics to help women and strengthen their skills, which helps build confidence, to get them outdoors.”

Chicago Violence Ramping Back Up

It was another deadly weekend in Chicago filled with gangs, drugs and guns. The violence was the worst in the Windy City since the 4th of July weekend, with 63 people shot and eight killed.

It’s important to note that this isn’t random violence with bullets spraying indiscriminately all across the city. Instead, it’s concentrated in districts favored by criminals and gang members. The Chicago Tribune reports that Calumet on the South and Austin on the west combined for 23 of the shootings. In Austin, everyone who was shot was a known gang member. Many involved in the shootings were trafficking marijuana and have lengthy arrest histories—a fact that frustrates police.

Chicago Police Department Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi voiced that frustration to the Tribune: “We can't arrest our way out of this when the criminal justice system in Chicago is not a deterrent." Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has long been a vocal proponent for tougher sentencing. Unfortunately, until Chicago moves to end its revolving door of justice, criminals will be on the streets ratcheting up the city’s death toll.

Ohio Judge Returns Fire On Ambush Attacker Outside Courthouse

“This individual laid in wait for our judge. It just hurts. First thing on Monday morning, you have a judge shot in front of his courthouse. ... This was an ambush and an attempted murder.”

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred J. Abdalla told reporters a man approached Judge Joseph J. Bruzzese Jr. as he walked to work—then began shooting. Bruzzese, however, was also armed and fired as many as five rounds at the attacker. The ambush quickly ended when a probation officer also returned fire, killing the assailant.

The scene unfolded in Steubenville, Ohio, location of a prominent 2013 rape case involving high school football players. Later in the day, the shooter was identified as Nathaniel Richmond, father of one of the two boys found guilty. Since Bruzzese played no part in the case, authorities still have no motive, though Nathaniel Richmond did have a criminal history in Bruzzese’s courtroom.

On Monday evening, Bruzzese was in stable condition and is expected to survive.

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