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Dave Kopel Reports On Gun Control’s Racist Roots

Dave Kopel is research director at the Independence Institute and a frequent contributor to America’s 1st Freedom magazine. He has co-written, along with Joseph Greenlee, a recent article for The Hill that talks about the origin of gun control laws and how they are rooted in racism.

Beginning in 1865—following the Confederate surrender where freedmen in some southern states were forbidden to own or bear firearms—and leading up to present-day, Kopel and Greenlee discuss how, historically, people of color in the United States have often had to depend on themselves for protection. Sometimes the reason is not overt hostility by the government, but instead the incapability of government to secure public safety—such as we’re seeing in Chicago today.

They conclude, “Guns have historically protected Americans from white supremacists, just as gun control has historically protected white supremacists from the Americans they terrorize.” Kopel discussed the feature piece on NRATV’s “Cam & Co.,” which you can watch here.

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