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Friday, August 25, 2017

Input Sought On Sport Shooting At Washington Rec Area

The Wenas Target Shooting Advisory Committee is seeking input from Washington State outdoorsmen and women in hopes of keeping the Wenas Wildlife Area open for recreational shooting.

Last fall, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife proposed closing the 115,000-acre area to recreational shooting, putting an end to generations of use by Washington residents. Fortunately, opposition from NRA members, hunters, shooters, local legislators and elected officials convinced them to take a closer look at the issue.

An advisory committee has been formed to make recommendations on how to best manage shooting sites, enforce laws and regulations, and provide education to the public on safe use—but Washington shooters need your help.


If you’ve visited the Wenas Wildlife Area, the Wenas Target Shooting Advisory Committee would like your input before making further recommendations to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. To fill out a short survey and show your support for keeping public lands open for recreational shooting, please click here.

State Department Issues New Travel Warning For Heavily Gun-Controlled Mexico

The U.S. Department of State has produced a new warning statement for American travelers interested in visiting Mexico. “U.S. citizens have been the victims of violent crimes, including homicide, kidnapping, carjacking and robbery in various Mexican states,” the report explains.

Replacing a previous advisory issued in December 2016, this report states, “Gun battles between rival criminal organizations or with Mexican authorities have taken place on streets and in public places during broad daylight.” It includes a state-by-state assessment of safety conditions for travelers.

We have previously reported that Mexican real estate developers are increasingly taking security into their own hands as more murders have occurred near tourist destinations. The highly restrictive gun control implemented by authorities shows no signs of impacting the epidemic of violence that plagues Mexico—although it certainly removes the ability of ordinary law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.

Armed Woman Defends Self, Children Against Drunk Intruder

It’s a typical Saturday night. You go to a party, drink three times the legal limit, leave the celebration and try to force your way into a nearby home—and get shot.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call around 9 p.m. from a woman who said a strange man was trying to break into her home. According to The Modesto Bee, the woman grabbed her handgun, hid her three children upstairs and—while on with the dispatcher—heard the man gain entry. After warning him to leave several times, the homeowner fired one shot, sending the intruder staggering back out the door.

The suspect was eventually found back at the party inside a neighboring home. Due to the man’s highly intoxicated state, police have not ruled out that he may have thought he was re-entering the house where the party was being held. The man was treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, and the investigation continues.

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