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Chatterday | Saturday, August 26

Chatterday | Saturday, August 26

“Gun battles between rival criminal organizations or with Mexican authorities have taken place on streets and in public places during broad daylight.”State Department travel advisory for Mexico, where gun laws are so strict that law-abiding citizens cannot protect themselves.

“It's actually bigger for us than Black Friday.” — Todd Sarotte, manager of Van's Sporting Goods in Brandon, Miss., on the state’s gun and ammo tax holiday set for this weekend.

“The Second Amendment makes it unnecessarily difficult for cities, states and the national government to protect people from violence.” — Lee Goodman, organizer of a protest set for Saturday at the NRA Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee.

“This was an ambush and an attempted murder.” — Jefferson County, Ohio, Sheriff Fred J. Abdalla on a judge who was attacked and drew his own concealed firearm and fired back at his assailant.

“The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program has received hundreds of stories from parents and teachers demonstrating how tragedies were avoided thanks to our program.” — Josh Powell, NRA executive director of General Operations, on the Eddie Eagle program reaching the 30 million children milestone.

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