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Kicking Off A1F Daily Launch Week

Kicking Off A1F Daily Launch Week

Each month, when the print version of America’s 1st Freedom magazine arrives in mailboxes throughout the country, we treat our online readers to that same outstanding content. This is that week!

Over the next few days, we will be posting the personal columns from National Rifle Association executives, plus all the features from our print magazine, right here at A1F Daily. Here’s what you’ll find, and when it will be posted for your reading pleasure: 

Monday, Aug. 28
Standing Guard: Sessions Seeks Justice For Victims, Consequences For Criminals
Cover Story: Dana Loesch—Fighting Lies With The Clenched Fist Of Truth

Tuesday, Aug. 29
Legends: Sharpshooter In Korea
Is This What Victory Really Looks Like?
President’s Column: Pew Report Shows Broad Support For Gun Rights In America

Wednesday, Aug. 30
Cam’s Corner: Campus Carry Successes
Exercise Your Freedom: Tactical Solutions X-Ring 

Thursday, Aug. 31
Everyman’s Voice
In California, Confiscation Is No Longer A Threat, It’s The Law
Young Women’s Leadership Summit  

Friday, Sept. 1
FTF Lead: Mindless Marching
NRA Carry Guard Level 1 Training
From The Editor: Fake Outrage, Fake News, Fake March

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