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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Gun-Haters Freak Out Over Firearms History Lesson

What sane parent could object to field trip that treated kids to a hands-on lesson in Old West history, along with a short gun safety primer? As it turns out, the parents in question didn’t—but that didn’t stop the keyboard warriors from coming out in full force after a photo of a child holding a historical firearm was posted to Facebook.

Just days after Holdheide Academy, a private school in Woodstock, Ga., took a group of first- and second-graders—all of whom had signed permission slips from their parents—to see an 1894 rifle like Annie Oakley used, the school began receiving calls. And when local Channel 2 called the Academy a “preschool” while covering the controversy, angry busybodies from across the nation placed the school in their crosshairs.

While the attention has prompted the school to go on the defensive, it shouldn’t have to—the lesson is part of the Georgia-approved curriculum. And besides, isn’t part of the point of private academies the opportunity to escape the sort of zero-tolerance, politically correct nonsense that is endemic to public schools?