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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More Judges Take Protection Into Their Own Hands

Considering the recent attack on Jefferson County Judge Joseph Bruzzese, it’s probably little surprise that a recent survey shows more judges are carrying firearms to defend themselves and their families.

“I now carry an easily accessible handgun with me at all times,” said an anonymous judge in a National Judicial College security survey, according to a report in The Washington Post. He added, “I have received firearms training and continue to practice and receive ongoing gun safety and training.”

John Muffler, a retired U.S. Marshal and current director for a private security agency, says whether a judge should carry a gun is a constant question on his seminar circuit. “There are plenty who are carrying them now because of their position, and they’re aware that there are risks associated with the decisions they make.” In an additional NJC survey from 2014, two of every 100 judges said they had been physically attacked.