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The Armed Citizen® | Oregon

The Armed Citizen® | Oregon

While Portland is widely regarded as the liberal hipster capital of the Northwest, there are plenty of Oregonians both there and elsewhere who don’t subscribe to the Left’s gun-ban philosophy—such as the five armed citizens below.

A mother and her two children returned to their Portland, Ore., home to find an intruder in one of the children’s bedrooms. The mother responded to the threat by retrieving a handgun and shooting the intruder, killing him. Following the incident, neighbors appeared supportive of the mother, with one telling a local news outlet, “great for her for defending herself and her family.” Another area man said, “She did the right thing, I think she did the right thing.” (KGW, Portland, Ore., 06/27/16)

A woman, her two teenage daughters and a 19-year-old man were at home in Warrenton, Ore., when the woman’s estranged husband, who has a criminal history of domestic violence, forced his way inside the home while carrying a weapon. The residents armed themselves and fled to a bedroom, locked themselves inside and called 911. Once they arrived on the scene, the police assumed tactical positions, but the husband, already inside, was unfazed and continued his attack by breaking through the bedroom door. After breaching the door, the intruder was met with defensive gunfire and was killed. (The Daily Astorian, Astoria, Ore., 05/08/13)

82-year-old Jim Brazel and his wife were asleep at home in Linn County, Ore., when they were awakened by suspicious noises coming from Brazel’s workshop. After retrieving a .410 shotgun, Brazel went to investigate and discovered a burglar. Brazel said to the man, “You take one more step and this gun goes off in the middle of your chest. Do what you want.” The criminal chose to stay put until police could arrive 20 minutes later. Following the incident, Brazel spoke of the burglar to local media, stating, “He’s making a mistake to try country people … because 99 percent of us are all the same. We’re not afraid to shoot.” (NWCN, Portland, Ore., 03/28/13)

Two men, at least one of whom was armed with a gun, attempted to rob a Dutch Bros. Coffee kiosk in Eugene, Ore. The barista working the kiosk responded by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminals, killing one. An investigation revealed that the deceased robber had a prior criminal record. The barista will not face any charges. Unlike other companies that have fired workers after exercising their right to self-defense, the Dutch Bros. employee has been put on paid leave and, according to a company spokesperson, is “welcome back when he is ready to return to work.” (The Oregonian, Portland, Ore., 11/25/10; KMTR, Eugene, Ore., 12/1/10)

J.L. Campbell, operator of Silver Falls Lodge near Silverton, Ore., was awakened by his wife, who had heard noises in the main part of the lodge. Campbell, armed with a .22 pistol, surprised two burglars. He held them at gunpoint and had his wife call Harry Luckett, the superintendent of Silver Falls Park. At this time Campbell was aware that companions of the two he had captured were outside somewhere. Shortly after Luckett arrived, one of the two burglars jumped him in an attempted escape. Campbell wounded one and recaptured both. Police took the burglars into custody and later picked up three persons who had waited outside the lodge during the events inside. (Appeal Tribune, Silverton, Ore., 3/1/65)


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