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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tucker Carlson Says He’ll Disarm When Michael Bloomberg Does

A former executive director of Everytown for Gun Safety failed to mount an effective defense of gun control ringleader Michael Bloomberg’s hypocrisy in an interview with Tucker Carlson on FOX News.

Breitbart reports that Mark Glaze was on the show to defend an increase in Seattle’s ineffective gun tax, but soon Carlson shifted the subject to Bloomberg’s security detail: “If guns are so bad, I wonder, why does Mike Bloomberg have armed bodyguards? … And again, people who are at real risk—like delivery guys—can’t have them?”

Glaze was unable to give a more compelling response than simply pointing out that Bloomberg is “in the public eye.” Carlson concluded, “The second Bloomberg disarms, I’ll be next.”

We’d love to know how Bloomberg feels about this, although we don’t imagine that Carlson will have to turn in his guns anytime soon.

Another Way Guns Saved Lives

Here at A1F Daily, we post stories of Americans using their legally owned firearms to save their own lives and the lives of others on a daily basis. This one, however, is a little different.

When Phillip Langeyin’s boat capsized in the Gulf of Main on Sunday, he and three others were thrown overboard. The woman with them couldn’t swim, but Langeyin and the other two men managed to get back to the capsized boat and grab hold.

Knowing the boat would likely eventually sink and that they would grow fatigued trying to cling for life, they looked for any way possible to get help. Fortunately, one had a firearm. “Flare guns and everything else was under the boat,” Langevin told the Bangor Daily News. “And I told Jim, I said, ‘Fire your gun.’”

A boater about a half mile away heard the shot and came to investigate, rescuing the three men and saving their lives. Once again, an armed citizen saved the day.

Spain—Good Gal With A Gun Stops Terrorists

A lone female police officer is credited with taking out four armed terrorists during an attack in the Spanish town of Cambrils.

At about 1:30 a.m.—just hours after terrorists killed 14 and injured 100 in Barcelona—five men in explosive suicide vests used a van to drive into one of the coastal town’s pedestrian areas. The terrorists emerged from the car armed with axes, knives and machetes. As pedestrians took cover behind a concrete wall, the officer raised her rifle and shot four of them dead. A fifth suspect escaped on foot and was taken out a short time later by another officer.

Unfortunately, seven people were injured in the terror attack, one of whom later died. But if it weren’t for the actions of the brave policewoman, the carnage would surely have been much worse. Hopefully these attacks—along with the 10,000 illegal firearms bound for terrorist cells that were seized in March—will spur Spanish lawmakers to someday allow citizens the right of armed self-defense.

Tax Holiday This Weekend For Louisiana Shooters, Hunters

While some anti-gun governmental jurisdictions, like Seattle and Connecticut, are pushing for higher taxes on guns to reduce gun ownership, many parts of the country are far friendlier toward gun owners.

Take Louisiana, for instance, where those wanting to shop for firearms or other hunting supplies this weekend can take advantage of the 2017 Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday. On Sept. 1-3, eligible purchases are fully exempt from all local sales taxes and are subject to a 3 percent state sales tax, down from the normal 5 percent.

The sales tax holiday applies to a wide range of hunting supplies including guns, ammunition, hunting apparel and archery equipment. Louisianans wishing to see a complete list of what supplies are and are not covered under the tax holiday can find one by clicking here.

Armed Homeowner Captures Fugitive, Holds Him For Police

When Kershaw County, S.C., sheriff’s deputies went to serve a warrant at a residence in Elgin, S.C., two men burst out the back door. Then the chase was on.

One deputy took off on a drawn-out foot chase, ultimately resulting in the arrest of 26-year-old Cody Jackson. The other fugitive was arrested several hours later, when an armed homeowner found 21-year-old Christopher Cravets hiding in his car and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

“A young, physically fit deputy was able to chase down Jackson, and an armed homeowner was able to detain Cravets,” said Sheriff Jim Matthews. “My thanks to the homeowner. I want to shake his hand. I already gave an attaboy to the deputy.”

Ironically, the warrant was for totally unrelated issues, but career criminals Jackson and Cravets are now facing several outstanding charges—from receiving stolen goods to possession of a stolen car.

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