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A Week Of Freedom | July 30 – August 4

A Week Of Freedom | July 30 – August 4

Photo credit: FEDERICO PARRA/AFP/Getty Images
We explore how a disarmed citizenry can be bullied into compliance—another reason we must defend our Second Amendment—in this well-rounded Week of Freedom.

1. Maduro’s Stranglehold On Disarmed Venezuelans
Cam Edwards shows how the banning of citizen-owned firearms has led to disaster in Venezuela.

Would Gun-Banners Rather Nicole Carney Had Been Murdered?

Darren LaSorte explores how gun-ban advocates who push to disarm abused women—like Nicole Carney—really don’t have their best interests in mind.

3. Dropping The Standard: More Fake News About Gun Owners
Editor Mark Chesnut reveals more fake news on guns and gun owners—this time from the Pacific Standard.

More Good News: Trump, Sessions Crack Down On Violent Criminals
Stacy Washington details how the Trump administration is prosecuting felons with guns more vigorously than at any time in the past decade.

5. Exercise Your Freedom | Reloading, Part 9: Bullet Seating
Seating bullets in those prepped and charged cases is easy. Except when it isn’t.

6. Where Would We Stand Without Heller?
AWR Hawkins describes how the 2008 Supreme Court decision in the Heller case continues to protect our Second Amendment Rights nearly 10 years later.

7. Stanford Professor Claims Right-To-Carry Laws Increase Violent Crime
Frequent contributor AWR Hawkins explains why a new “study” on Right-to-Carry permit holders should be taken with a grain of salt.

8. For The Sake Of Their Voters, Democrats Need To Admit They Lost The Gun Issue To Freedom
Frank Miniter explores how women and minorities discovering their Second Amendment rights might force Democratic politicians to rethink their position on guns.

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