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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NBC: Throw Groceries To Stop Armed Robberies

What should you do during a convenience store robbery? That’s the question NBC’s “Today” show posed as it examined a string of violent robberies occurring this summer across the United States. For an answer, they turned to survival expert Mykel Hawke.

“If there’s a robbery, don’t try to be a hero, don’t try to fight,” advised Hawke. When investigative journalist Jeff Rossen asked what to do if the gunman has you cornered and “you feel like he’s right about to shoot you,” Hawke’s response was that “you’ve got to try to escape.” He suggested distracting the gunman and throwing groceries at him.

Not once in the minute-and-a-half segment did either Hawke or Rossen suggest the possibility of a shopper having a concealed firearm. As NewsBusters notes, it’s the third crime-fighting report from NBC that refuses to acknowledge that anyone other than a criminal might own a gun. So while “non-existent” law-abiding gun owners continue to train at the range, NBC viewers will be home practicing the bread toss.

Sexual Assault Survivor Calls For Campus Carry In Florida

A Florida woman who was raped on campus is speaking out about the move to pass campus carry legislation in the Sunshine State.

In a report at news4jax.com, Shayna Lopez-Rivas spoke candidly about her sexual assault on Florida State University’s campus in 2014.

“He had a knife. I had pepper spray,” Lopez-Rivas said. “And even though I ran for blue lights that are scattered all around, [he was] faster, stronger, and I did not win.” She now carries a firearm on a regular basis, and believes that if she had been allowed to do so at the time, her assault could have been stopped.

“The way that I carry it now, I would have been able to prevent what happened to me, yeah,” Lopez-Rivas said.

Campus carry legislation has been introduced in Florida in the past, but so far hasn’t been passed into law.

Bureaucratic Error Leads To Confiscation For New York Gun Owner

Don Hall of Taberg, N.Y., is a law-abiding gun owner, a Vietnam veteran with no history of mental health issues. But all it took was a basic medical record mix-up for local sheriff’s deputies to show up at Hall’s home and demand that he hand over all of his firearms.

NRA-ILA reported on the incident, in which an incorrectly entered Social Security number apparently flagged Hall to law enforcement as a “mental defective.” Even after he was able to discover the source of the error, it still took him months to secure the return of all of his guns. “I was guilty until I could prove myself innocent,” Hall said. “They don’t tell you why or what you supposedly did.”

Hall’s case demonstrates the dangers of gun control regulations that require registration and allow confiscation of firearms without due process. This incident ended with the gun owner eventually able to recover his lawfully acquired guns—although at his own expense and without compensation from those responsible—but others may not be able to fight successfully for the preservation of their Second Amendment rights.

Congress Needs To Hear From You On Hearing Protection Act

A recent news update at the NRA-ILA website is encouraging gun owners to contact their senators and representatives to urge them to support and cosponsor the Hearing Protection Act.

The HPA is a federal measure to reduce the burdensome and antiquated acquisition process for firearm suppressors. The bill would eliminate the current excessive wait times (sometimes up to a year) and the burdensome tax on transferring or making a suppressor.

As members of Congress return to their home states and districts for the August recess, they often focus on constituent services, so now is a very opportune time to contact your elected representatives.

Use Your Power!

You can contact your member of Congress via NRA-ILA’s “Take Action” tool by clicking here.

61-Year-Old Detroit Man Shoots Armed Robber

Darius Summers is easy-going. He’s a musician who turned 61 years old this week. And he recently received his concealed-carry license. On Sunday, a teenager learned that last bullet point the hard way.

WDIV-TV is reporting that Summers walked to a gas station near his home for a cup of early morning coffee. Once inside the store, an armed 16-year-old boy—thinking the man was an easy target—stuck his gun in Summers’ back and demanded his weapon. “I said, ‘All I want to do is leave,’” Summers told reporters. “He said, ‘You can't leave.’”

Summers decided that he wasn’t going to be made a statistic, so he pulled his gun and shot the boy in the abdomen. The suspect picked up the gun he had dropped and stumbled out of the store, where he was quickly arrested for assault and various felony firearm violations. “I didn't shoot to kill, I shot to save his life,” Summers added.

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