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Violent Left Willing To Let North Korea Threaten America

NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield took on Rosie O’Donnell, the Washington Post, Senator Feinstein and the violent left for seeking to divide our country, at a time when we should be united against North Korea.

“What scares me more than the North Korean crazed tyrant… the violent left and the crazed liberals who lead them,” Stinchfield said Wednesday. “They, like North Korea, also pose a clear and present danger to America.”

Stinchfield said that when faced with the very real possibility of a nuclear attack on our country, the left’s instinct is not to unite our country—it’s to attack our president.

“Make no mistake, the lying leftist media, the elitist cringe worthy celebrities, and the anti-American politicians who make up the violent left don’t just hate President Trump,” he said. “They hate you, his supporters. And to push that hate–to fuel it–they are willing to allow a deranged dictator to threaten our families and put us all in danger…”

You can watch Grant Stinchfield’s full commentary above or on NRATV.

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