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Friday, September 1, 2017

Demanding Moms Equate Guns With Meth, KKK, ISIS

A school in Georgia recently organized a trip to a local gun range, where young children were taught about gun safety and allowed to handle unloaded firearms of historic significance. Of course, when Michael Bloomberg-backed Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety got hold of that information, its supporters unleashed a firestorm of hysteria.

A blog post at Gun Free Zone gathered some of the more unhinged comments posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “And next week the science class is going to see how a real meth lab operates,” said one. “How is this picture any better/different than the tragic pics of innocent children exploited by ISIL?” asked another. A third wrote, “What’s the lesson for tomorrow? How [to] starch their white sheets?”

Do these people know about gun control’s history as a tool of people like the Klan? We’re guessing not. Anyway, if you want to know just how far off in left field some of the anti-gunners are, this is an educational spectacle.