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Friday, September 1, 2017

Kansas Prof Calls Campus A “War Zone”—Despite No Shootings

We told you recently about a Texas professor who was wearing body armor to class to protest campus carry. Now a professor at Kansas University is following suit, along with calling his campus a “war zone.”

Kevin Willmott, a professor of film and media studies at KU, told Kansan.com: “They don’t want (campus carry) to be visible, because if it was visible, if everybody was walking around with a bulletproof vest on, people would say, ‘Oh my God, is this a war zone? What’s going on here?’ And yes, it is a war zone. No one’s started shooting yet. Yet. But we don’t know how many people have guns.”

Willmott might be happy to know that in the year since Texas universities were opened to campus carry, there haven't been any shootings by those carrying guns, nor has there been a “war zone.” The same can be said for the 10 other states that permit campus carry, including neighboring Colorado, which has had such a law for 12 years.

In truth, it appears that the only “war zone” at KU is in Willmott’s very narrow mind.

Demanding Moms Equate Guns With Meth, KKK, ISIS

A school in Georgia recently organized a trip to a local gun range, where young children were taught about gun safety and allowed to handle unloaded firearms of historic significance. Of course, when Michael Bloomberg-backed Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety got hold of that information, its supporters unleashed a firestorm of hysteria.

A blog post at Gun Free Zone gathered some of the more unhinged comments posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “And next week the science class is going to see how a real meth lab operates,” said one. “How is this picture any better/different than the tragic pics of innocent children exploited by ISIL?” asked another. A third wrote, “What’s the lesson for tomorrow? How [to] starch their white sheets?”

Do these people know about gun control’s history as a tool of people like the Klan? We’re guessing not. Anyway, if you want to know just how far off in left field some of the anti-gunners are, this is an educational spectacle.

Armed Father Saves Son From Attacker In California

Just before 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Ceres police got a report that a man was standing in his front yard ... holding another man at gunpoint.

When officers responded, the man being detained suddenly began running, then he crouched behind a rose bush—and the story unfolded from there. According to investigators, earlier in the evening 33-year-old Elbert Raymundo approached a father and son in their yard and began threatening to kill them. After refusing to leave, Raymundo began chasing the homeowner’s son around their car in the driveway.

Understandably worried for his son’s safety, the father ran into the house, grabbed his shotgun and then held the suspect at gunpoint. According to reports, Raymundo remained calm for a short time, but then started threatening the father and son again just before officers arrived to take him into custody.

Bass Pro Shops Provides Boats For Hurricane Relief Effort

So far, Hurricane Harvey has dumped an unprecedented 11 trillion gallons of water in the Gulf Coast area. As the rains continue to fall, calls for help continue to pour in—according to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, authorities have received nearly 70,000 so far. Unfortunately, emergency resources in Houston, like in other cities, are geared toward day-to-day emergencies—not the sort of “500-year flood” the area is experiencing now.

Recognizing they could help fulfill an urgent need, Springfield, Mo.-based Bass Pro has donated more than 80 Tracker boats to assist rescue and relief efforts in areas impacted by the storm.

In addition to the Tracker boats, which will go to government agencies and rescue organizations, Bass Pro has sent more than $40,000 in relief supplies to the area, including boxes of peanuts and beef jerky for emergency responders. The company has also stepped up to assist employees of its three Houston locations with critical living expenses through its Bass Pro Cares fund.

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