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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

K.C. Newspaper Tries To Tie Abandoned Gun To Campus Carry

In an apparent attempt to paint concealed-carry permit holders as irresponsible, The Kansas City Star recently repeatedly cited the state’s new campus-carry law in a fake news story about a gun found in a Kansas University restroom.

In the feature about a gun found at KU’s Wescoe Hall, the lead read: “Two weeks into the fall semester, the first in which Kansas students can legally carry concealed handguns on campuses, an unattended gun turned up Tuesday in a bathroom at the University of Kansas.”

If you can read past all the anti-campus carry sentiment, you learn that the gun was traced by police and found to have been stolen, so there is nothing—repeat, nothing—tying the firearm to campus carry or concealed carry. Yet that didn’t stop the authors from wrapping up the piece with three more full paragraphs about Kansas’ new campus-carry law.