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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

“Modern Family” Star Under Fire For Enthusiasm Over Guns

A 19-year-old woman decides she wants to take up shooting, so she signs up for a safety course and heads to the range. Once she passes, she poses for a few celebratory photos, then posts them on social media. Pretty typical in the gun community, right?

Not when the woman in question is a Hollywood TV star.

After Ariel Winter posted photos of herself holding firearms at the Los Angeles Gun Club, Twitter exploded. “Are you supporting gun violence?” one clueless commentor asked. “Guns are not the solution. Not something you should be proud of,” another chided.

The “Modern Family” star did receive a surprising amount of praise, however. “Good work—you’re taking a big risk with this in anti-freedom Hollywood,” one remarked. “I don’t follow celebs, but … I had to come and support another woman getting empowered to learn safety and shoot,” said a female Twitter user.  One commentor nailed it: “Strong work with training as well as standing up for a fundamental and natural right that is treated with disdain, hate and hostility by many in your line of work. Commendable.”